27 Sandra De Freitas

I dare you to play with crayons!

Have you played like a child lately? Children tend to be more creative, fearless and take more risks than adults do and they do it all with a big smile on their faces. Adults are more set in their ways and we sit at our technology waiting for creativity to pop up on a website or email. When was the last time you had a great idea at your computer?

Don’t get me wrong I do love technology and have my fair share of gadgets! But when I get out my crayons and markers it brings me back to the space of being curiously creative and fearless.

When we take time out to play like a child it releases stress, increases your energy, it opens are our minds, and makes us feel good. Imagine if your next break was “recess”? How much fun would that be? You could play tag, make snow angels, laugh with your friends, climb the monkey bars and swing on a swing.

So instead of planning your next project with Word, Excel or a project management system sit on the floor or dining room table with your colourful tools or plan it at your neighbourhood park surrounded by laughing children. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes, besides you won’t be distracted by the abundant digital notifications that eat up your time and segments your attention.

Go out there and play. You deserve a recess! 🙂


Sandra De Freitas
Volunteer Dog Trainer, Crayola hoarder, Lover of Taking Risks, Chief Geek Officer, Addicted to WordPress and WordPress plugins, Author, Speaker and Professional Class Clown

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