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I dare you to surrender to Spirit … completely.

I dare you to surrender to Spirit … completely.

What if you let go of all that didn’t work in your life. Perhaps gradually … or perhaps not?

What if you allowed yourself to finally sink into the unfettered bliss you have been given in this lifetime? The bliss that is truly your right to claim?

What if you lived not for others – but for yourself?

What if you expanded to the bigness, joy, and out-and-out glory that is yours to be had … not by working harder, more efficiently, or more strategically. But just by allowing yourself to truly receive God’s gifts?

That is all you are meant to do in this one short life. So then the question becomes when – now … or ‘someday’?

If you choose now … here’s the cool part: All you have to do is ask, and the instructions will be given.

Pray. Journal. Make a request before you dream. Sit in meditation and emptiness on a regular basis, and all that you need to know will make itself clear.

Finally, go for the fun – because that is truly where God lives.

And so I dare you … to discover the greatest joy of your life.

Suzanne Falter
Best-selling self-help author, speaker, and singer who helps women at midlife find true joy and fulfillment


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