Who’s Lissa?

Well…that’d be me.
I’ll get into the quirky love-bites + story pieces in a moment –
but right now, here’s all you need to know:

All of this work – everything I create – is designed to help you do three things:

1. Find your purpose.
2. Grow your business.
3. Fulfill yourself completely.

When all three pieces converge, your role on the planet becomes supercharged. It’s like plugging into a cosmic socket. SHAZAM!

And with that SHAZAMERRY propelling you forward, you can consciously contribute to this bigger thing that’s goin’ on all around us (y’know — the social, spiritual + economic revolution that’s shaking the bedrock of the human race) and ultimately, change the face of business itself.

(If reading those words gave you chills, we’re going to get along like crackers + cheese.)

So. Why this work…and why me?

Because I believe it’s my purpose. I’ve conducted over 1,000 hours of intimate research with thought-leaders + change-makers around the world, and I’m convinced that we’re in a unique period of upheaval + change. I believe I was put on the planet to help small business owners navigate the change — or lead it, for heaven’s sake! — with agility, confidence + clarity.

Now: The Gems + Good Stuff.

: I started The Soul Map on a dare. Yep. I was working as a (fairly conventional) life + small business coach, and two friends urged me to come out of the closet with my astrological superpowers. The dare? Slap up a website. Announce the new deal. Give it one month. See what transpires. The response was over-the-moon overwhelming. And its still going strong.

: I’m living proof that Love really does conquer all. Love — with a capitol L — is what drives what I do. Why I do it. Who I do it with + for. And every decision in my work + business. And I’m the very blessed + proud step-mom of two extraordinary young women — and wife of the most remarkable man I’ve ever know. Most folks thought we were crazy for trying to weave our family together. But here we are. Rockin’ on. Love hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

: I live, breathe + adore small business. I’m the former talk-radio host of Toronto’s Small Business Big Ideas show, and was named one of 2011′s ‘Fastest Growing Inspirational Businesses’. The Soul Map™ is just one branch of my global business, SoulFullFilled Living — and damn, it feels good to be the CEO (Conscious Educational Oracle).

: I get springy + bouncy about: sleek Apple products, sane + humane marketing, global trends + cultural waves, geeky science fiction, research, research, research, sharp + concise self-expression, and You. Yeah, You. Your life + the map that comes with it.

Here’s to purpose – and here’s to us.


P.S. – Let’s Connect! You’ll find me:

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