How we do things ’round here

The Soul Map™ started as a dare (see: here) that bloomed into a business. But it’s unfolding into something even more delicious: a community of entrepreneurial souls, devoted to understanding the logic of their own lives.

We’re here to find our purpose, grow our businesses + fulfill ourselves completely —
so we can claim our positions in the larger cosmic shift-o-rama that’s taking place, all around us.

The Soul Map™ isn’t like other life-coachy, thing-findy, star-gazey sites. Whoooa no.

Here’s how we do things ‘round here:

We speak plain ol’ English.
Talking about astrology — cosmic cycles, the zeitgeist of our times, your birth chart, your Motion Map™, and all that hot stuff — can all-too-easily drift into Woo-Woo-Land. We keep things fresh, clear + direct. Thank God.

We keep it sacred — and private.
Whether we’re working 1-on-1, in a virtual classroom, or a group mentorship setting — nothing leaves the workspace (unless YOU give the word.) What happens in Soul Map™, stays in Soul Map™.

We value each other — like crazy.
And we don’t do any “fixing,” ‘round here. We understand that everyone on the planet has a vital part to play in our collective evolution — a particular flavor of suffering that you (& only you) can alleviate. Or inspiration you (& only you) can stir. We celebrate each others’ purposes + paths, we applaud unique + wyrd self-expression, and we lift each other UP. That’s kinda the whole point. Collaboration.

We have FUN.
Major side effect of living + working with purpose: giggles. Lots of ‘em.

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