What I believe and why

I believe that you have a right to know what I stand for — and why I stand for it. (I’d certainly want the low-down, before inviting a “Soul Mapper” into my life.)

Here’s the score:

I believe that we’re in a time of monumental change — old models are melting down, and the new patterns + systems have not yet taken form. We see it in the economic collapse, and in protests + shake-downs around the globe. It’s undeniable. It’s happening. It’s real.

I believe everyone on the planet is actively participating in The Change — and business leaders are right in the crux of it. Some are participating consciously. Others … not so much. It’s my job to crack open a sweet jar of purposeful possibility — for whoever’s ready for a taste.

I believe in the wonder of small business. They’re spirited, nimble, resourcefully inventive + bend without breaking much more easily than mondo corporate structures. I love ‘em. I get ‘em. I want ‘em to thrive.

I believe that you DO have it in you. Your life, with all its quirks, has an irrefutable logic + intelligence all its own. You have a part to play — and it matters. Oh, does it ever.

I believe in…a little bit of mystery. We live a culture that places inordinate value on knowing + control. Knowing is grand. Control has its place. But there’s merit + magic in every meltdown, and in every cycle of uncertainty (cause that’s where all the Great Work happens). It’s all part of the plan — and all part of your Map.


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